My Feng Shui Philosophy


What expectations do we have of the Feng Shui rooms that we live, sleep, and work in?

Feng Shui rooms should be light, friendly, beautiful, full of harmony, practical, and the costs should be manageable.

Based on the basic principles of Feng Shui, we think: rooms should be experienced, they create the third skin of a person.

The ‘second skin’ is our clothing,

The ‘third skin’ is our living space and our changing way of looking at it.

Houses with their rooms protect us from wind and weather. Rooms are usually sensory and a reflection of the people who live there; they make up their living space! Everyone of us lives in and uses them. A room is filled with life, when someone enters it.

What effect do rooms have on our well-being and our abilities?

How do we feel in rooms that are too cold, too loud, stuffy or draughty? What about when the colour is too bright or the noises are too loud?

– we are in a bad mood, feel disturbed and unable to work to the best of our abilities.

Our mood improves when we come into a room that is beautiful, light, harmonic, full of fresh air, a room that we like – a place where we feel good!

We see, hear, smell, and breathe the air in a room, our senses experience when there is balance and harmony in a room and we feel like smiling. A positive sensory impact of a room reaches into our soul and brings feelings of happiness. People have a deep need to experience these feelings in the rooms that surround them.

Life with Feng Shui means movement– we should work on developing a vivid relationship with our living space.

Feng Shui arose from observances of nature 5000 years ago. Feng Shui and architecture become one. Rooms should welcome people with beauty. Rounded corners with harmonic colours and forms. These features should support the people, through the room in the feeding cycle of the elements (wood, fire, earth, water, and metal). Pleasant colour combinations on the walls with healthy paint and the use of building biology, and renewable energy create an atmosphere of balance and harmony; which provide a relaxing, innovative and concentrated workplace. Only those who feel well can perform at their best, away from daily stresses.

With this Feng Shui philosophy, I create a harmonic feeling in which rooms and nature come together to become one. The redesigned rooms not only look better, but the have a positive influence on the lives of those who live within. The positive effect of the rooms create an atmosphere of peace and openness, and bring about interest in time and space. These rooms bring about relaxation and balance for the inhabitants and help to release positive energy in them.

With this Feng Shui philosophy, I can create a new sense of well-being, which increases the quality of life of those who live in the rooms.

The best possibility to use Feng Shui in rooms is during the planning and building of a new house. Of course it is possible to use Feng Shui in any room, regardless if it is old or new. With Feng Shui a feeling of well-being and comfort can be awaken in any room.

Viola Schäfer

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