References and Feedback


So many people say “Thank You” for my work. I would like to say “Thank You to my Grand Masters Yap Cheng Hai and Jes Lim! I would also like to say thank you to Bo Chu and Vanessa, who have also become my friends.

References and Feedback

Response from the Hefter family:

Earth healing:

Our land is 2500 square metres and we inherited it from my parents with all of its experiences.  We have been living here with our children for more than thirty years.  After starting many businesses that failed to bring the success that we had hoped for and the fact our life together wasn’t always rosy, we started wondering why this was so and looking for answers.  Relatives brought the work of Ms. Schaefer to our attention and told us how impressed they were with her work.  When we first met, Ms. Schaefer explained to us the reasons and functions for earth-healing and how it is done.  We also discussed what our wishes were, regarding our land.  After setting a date for the earth-healing, we arranged to go to a wellness hotel on these days.  We were convinced that if we wanted our land to be healthy that we should also do something for our own physical well-being too.  We had a very special feeling when we arrived at home and went into our house and garden.  The energy felt clean, light, healthy and extradionary.  Since the earth-healing we have a sense of inner motivation, that we continue to be stimulated by.  We both have the feeling that our lives are lighter and seem to flow.  We are growing in this power and strength, and are enjoying life and are excited about all the new challenges that our ‚new life‘ brings.  We associate these changes with the earth-healing.  Ms. Schaefer also coached us in some of our own issues after the earth-healing.  We are very thankful for what Ms. Schaefer did for our house and garden and how it has changed us.

I was you all the best

Hefter Family

Feedback form Hubert:

Dear Viola,

Thank you so much for your House-Clearing.  After my wife moved out, I no longer felt well in our house.  An acquaintance recommended that I should have the energy cleaned in my house.  After researching extensively in the internet, I found your website.  We talked on the phone, I had a good feeling and was that I had found the right person for my problem.  I was right.  Shortly after the cleaning, I began to feel better. Soon thereafter an acquaintance came by that hadn’t been over in a while and asked what I had changed in the house because she had the feeling that there was something different.   She said there was a feeling ease, heath and clarity in the rooms.  I am very happy that you helped bring quality of life back into my house.

Thank you very much,


Response from the company, Pallas:

Hello dear Viola,

Now it is time to say Thank you for 

Your extraordinary patience with us, I know, we were sometimes a bit difficult

Your tireless work and all of your support

Your loving way of accepting us for who we are

-everyone who visits a carnival is different 

This needed to be said at the beginning because besides your competence and your knowledge, people need to experience that you are a person that they can talk to.  It is a privilege to know you and I know I am not the only one who thinks this way.  I have known you for a long time, and I really felt the need to organise our company based on Feng Shui.  But how do you convince a person, who has never experience what Feng Shui has to offer?

I arranged a meeting for you with my father and my son, thinking that ‚when they have met you, they will be more likely to agree to Feng Shui‘.  And that is exactly what happened- from than on they were convinced.

You are not a typical Feng Shui consultant, you are a Feng Shui Master!

You live Feng Shui – you are completely authentic!

As I mentioned above, we were sometimes difficult to deal with.  A lot of things had to be carefully considered, especially when it came to moving the furniture around.

The workspaces were set up, but we needed to find a place where could we put the rest of the furniture – so that there would be enough space and still look good.  We reconsidered this again and again, and sometimes we really pushed ‚your patiences‘ and you were always there to show us the right direction, in your caring way.  We changed everything and today -except for a few small details- everything is complete.  Somethings have to grow.

It is complete – The company has been painted with Feng Shui colours and the furniture rearranged.  Our Fountain and our wonderful mountain crystal have take their places and everyone who experiences energy, can feel this is our company.


Since we all started sitting in the right workspace, we are experiencing more energy.  I used to sit in a place that was bad for me and now I sit in the place best suited for me.  Everyone is now sitting the place that is bested suited for him and it is noticeable – NOBODY WANT TO GO HOME

It’s good for the boss when his employees don’t feel like going home anymore.

Could you ask for more?  We have completely changed our working hours.  Before the change, I was out of energy and often had a headache after only five hours.  This is now completely different.  Everything is harmonic and agreeable, even our plants are growing better, even if they don’t get the light they would normally need to grow.

I would do it all again, anytime, even though we had a chaotic and stressful weekend renovating.  In the end, the only thing that matters is the results and that is something that everyone can see and feel, if they want to.

Thank you very much,

And best wishes from Goldbach,

The Pallas Team

Feedback from the Frobel Family:

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

We contacted you about a year ago as a consultant for Feng Shui and House clearing, because after we moved into our new house we were unable to sleep and were often ill.  We contacted you through your attractive homepage.  During our initial contact we felt a connection to you and found you trustworthy, and therefore we choose you as our consultant.  During the year we felt that you answered all of our questions in a thorough and helpful way.  When we had questions between meetings, we were able to contact you and get clarity in a short time.  We found you to be reliable, loving and humorous.  In a pleasant atmosphere you offered us your undivided time and muse.  We received detailed and attractive documents, that you discussed with us at detail and in a clear way that allowed us to continue to develop our own ideas for the present and the future with a secure knowledge base.  We are able to get a good night’s sleep and feel vital and full of energy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for what you gave us in this consultation and we look forward to working with you again on our garden project.  We don’t want to be without you as our consultant and would recommend you with the highest praise.

Yours Truly 

The Frobel family from Vellmar 

After a Feng Shui & Tao Geomancy Consulting:

Dear Ms. Schaefer

I would like to thank you dearly for Space Clearing and Earth Revitalization

When you came to me in March 2011, I was feeling awful.  I was often very tired and felt drained; I was no longer able to get out of this hole.

Now, after two months, I feel much better; I am more relaxed, have more energy, goals ….and everything seems positive.  Based on your recommendation I put my bed in a positive +80 area.  Your Feng Shui recommendations have resulted in a number of changes in my flat- new colours, that support my Chi, and possibly new furniture…..without your support I wouldn’t have managed this.

I am very interested in what the future holds for me.  Most importantly I have once again discovered my love of life.  Therefore, I am very grateful!  Your sympathetic and vivacious ways, helped me a lot

Kind regards and the very best wishes


Response to a Feng Shui Consultation:

Dear Ms. Schaefer, 

Thank you very much for you wonderful consultation, I felt very comfortable and cared for.  You have such a lively and fresh way, that makes the hearts of those around you glow!  Since we met and I changed my flat based on the principles of Feng Shui, I feel like my life is getting better, and I am very thankful for this.  You understand your craft, which made me feel very secure and satisfied.  I am very happy that our paths crossed.  You can be sure, that I will recommend you! 

Kind Regards,


Feedback to Feng Shui Training:

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

I would once again like to thank you for your fantastic Feng Shui I and II seminars.  I learned a lot about Feng Shui and took a lot of “other knowledge” home with me.  I was very impressed with your energetic style and your sensitive way of dealing with certain participants.  You feel the moment in which your support is needed.  Since the last Feng Shui seminar, you activate something within in me, a channel has been opened, and I am able to see and sense ‘things’ with my clients that I wasn’t able to before.  I am very happy to recognize this new ability in my daily life and my family (and I) still can’t believe it.

I am looking forward to more exciting, informative and delightful seminars with you -my Feng Shui Master- who I already know, has brought so much to my work and my private life and will continue to do so.

I would be happy to have you use this Email as a reference on your Webpage

Looking forward to the next seminar, kind regards

Beatrix Mitze

Response from Elsenfeld:

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

We would like to thank you with this letter for your work and help that allowed us to help ourselves in our flat. You came to look at the evaluation from another woman and gave us some detailed recommendations for changes, that have completely changed our sense of well-being.  

The biggest problem was the Mountain and Water Stars, that stood on the pond in the garden and came straight through the kitchen window.  Therefore, we filled the pond that we both loved.  We changed the kitchen window based on your Feng Shui remedy.  Result:  we finally have peace.

We followed all of your other Feng Shui recommendations.  Result:  The tension is gone.

We can finely breathe freely and relax – I can write and read again.

We talk to each other more and listen to music.

The biggest job was in the bedroom. – We moved our bed and our wardrobe, based on Feng Shui recommendations, and changed the layout of our bedroom.  And the result:  I can get out of bed without pain, I sleep, and I don’t feel completely exhausted all day.

I can now work in another office, which was very difficult for me before. Here our aquarium was in the best place to ‘water’ my soul.

For what you have done in regards to our quality of life and atmosphere, we are very grateful.

We won’t and shouldn’t forget the following:

All of this was only possible with the heavenly help, that my husband and I prayed for, and was given to us in the form of your help.

Thank you for the light and peace that you have given us,

Regards U. & A. From Elsenfeld.

After a journey to the past:

Hello Viola, thank you very much for the wonderful experience of returning to my past life and the wonderful escort into my Soul-room.  I had the opportunity to discover things and some we laughed about (think about the hiding place).  I found out a lot about myself and was able to get rid of  a lot of the weight from my shoulders with your help and I have become a stronger person.  I feel much lighter and peaceful.

Thank you for our conversations, they are always very informative and helpful.

Best Wishes, see you soon, Simone

Response from Frau Meyer:

Hello Ms. Schaefer,

In the whole house that we rent, we always felt burdened by the earlier inhabitants( our landlords). everything reminded us of them in a negative way.  The result was the beginning of a very difficult tenancy.  There was a very unpleasant exchange of letters.  After the Space-Clearing, I finally hat the feeling that it was really our house.  The memory of our landlord is very weak and no longer a burden.  One week after our ‘cleansing’, we received a friendly letter from our landlord.  It is really unbelievable!  


Kerstin Meyer

Feedback from a client in Aschaffenburg:

Dear Viola,

We would like to thank you ver much for your great work with the Earth Healing and Feng Shui Consultation.  Especially through the Earth Healing, several interesting and positive things happened: my fear that our house could be broken into, has disappeared.  I feel as though our house is protected.  In general, I can say that our house has become quieter  – that old burdens and happenings from this place have been neutralised and I feel that everything has become more peaceful.  The sense of strength in our dining room, seems to pull all guests there and they all enjoy sitting there -even I like to sit there when I am working.

With my place of strength in my office, I also have had an interesting experience:

Before the Earth healing and the discovery of my strength place, I didn’t like sitting at the desk in my office.  After you set-up my place of strength, I was able to quickly finish everything on my to-do list and the unpleasant duties.  Then we moved the desk and the chair again, in order to create my optimal workplace based on the Feng Shui calculations – my need to make myself sit at my workplace was gone.  You nicely moved my place of strength and set it up, in a place where I sit and like to work.  I underestimated the effect of the place of strength and had trouble believing it in the beginning, but based on my experience I am convinced.

Your Feng Shui Consulting gave us a lot of new, valuable impulses and we change the position of our sleeping area, today we are able to relax and feel regenerate overnight because we have found the optimal energy area for sleep.  Interestingly, Reinhard, who suffered from sleep disorders for years, now wakes up full of energy and feels fit, even if he hasn’t slept well.  That used to be completely different, he used to feel drained and tired when he got up and he felt that way the whole day.  We also moved our easy-chair, for watching TV, to another area.

In general, we have changed a lot of things in our personal life and wonderful things have happened, we feel much more comfortable in our house and with each other and we have success in our jobs – thanks to the Earth Healing and Feng Shui.

Thank you for this and we wish you continued success in your blessed work.

I & R from Aschaffenburg

Feedback from a client from Quierschied-Fischbach:

Dear Ms. Schaefer,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  In the summer, you performed a Earth Healing on our property.  In the six to nine months before this, we had a lot of health problems and 3 car (motorcycle) accidents.  I was starting to get suspicious.  Parallel to your Earth Healing, Feng Shui measure were taken in our house.  I can only say that since then our health problems have gotten better, I sleep better, and strangely enough I don’t sleep as long, I don’t need as much to be relaxed and full of energy.  The atmosphere in our house seems to be fresher and more harmonic.

Once again thank you very much, and we can only recommend you.

Kindest Regards from the Saarland

A. Dörr

Response from Herr von Byern:

Dear Viola,

Finally, I have found the time to write to you about a few of my impressions from the last months.  The Earth Healing, that you performed on our property in August, was six months ago and I have the feeling that the energy in our house is slowly but surely becoming more positive.  In the beginning there wasn’t a lot to see, but my mother who had metastasis and chemo, is doing visibly better since the middle of December.  In body, as well as mentally.  For a long time, I was unable to get myself together and free myself from my living situation in the house.  This kick happened at the end of December, beginning of January.  In the upper two floors ,everything fell apart‘.  It doesn’t matter what the future holds, there is a wonderful new energy in our house, that everyone feels.  I am looking forward to the future and how thing will develop.  I am positive, that the Earth Healing has played a role in the improvement.

Thank you for this!

With kindest Regards,

Martin von Byren

Feedback from Grossostheim:

We would once again like to thank you for the Earth Healing and that you are always willing to listen. We can only say, that our house is wonderful and we don’t want to leave it. It is:

  • heavenly peace in the house
  • Yin is getting bigger
  • Prayers are being heard, i.e. a small win in the lottery
  • People, who are not sensitive, are staying away
  • Health is improving
  • We see our surroundings from another perspective
  • We are more sensitive
  • More balanced
  • the feeling energy in house (and it continues to increase)
  • Flowers grow beautifully
  • We treat people differently
  • We are more aware of certain things
  • Our way of thinking has changed
  • We are excited to find out how things will continue

Family Bergmann from Grossostheim

Response from Andrea:

Dear Viola,

I was very happy to hear from you.  I hope you are well. I have often thought about you and the wonderful work you did in our house.  It laid the ground work for the continued cleansing of my body and the transformation that is finally finished.  This fills me with so much happiness at the moment, knowing that everything old is behind me and that the year 2009 will bring about the outer manifestation of my dreams.  I would be very happy if you would put my link on your homepage and look forward to any future energy exchange, regardless of the form.

I would like to wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas with your family and wish you all the best for 2009.

With a warm embrace


Rückmeldung von Hildegard:

Dear Viola,

God brought me to you.  My strongest wishes and one of my goals, that is very important to me and means a lot to me, is inner peace.  The sale of the property in Recklinghausen, my aim was from the very beginning, ‘ for the well-being of everyone.‘  I was always pulled back to this place.  I always put my energy into trying to achieve peace, but it was never successful.

After your Earth Healing, it was like having a blindfold removed; I realised why it was impossible to find peace.  I tried to sell to sell both flats for more than a year and one for more than two years.  The situation seemed hopefully again and again, but the success didn‘t come.  Many people were enthusiastic but after viewing the flat, they lost interest.  In my last family constellation, it came to light that something awful had happened in the house.

Then ,you‘ came, like a gift!

The time to heal was past due and the appointment was made for us to drive to Recklinghausen.  As I stood in the flat and felt the it, everything around me went black and pulled me to the floor.  A very big last impression that cost me a lot of energy.  Tears were flowing and I was sorry for what I had knowingly experienced.

In the top floor, I had the feeling that everything was woven closed.  I walked through a spiderweb that went from wall to wall.  I had never seen, felt or experience anything like that.  After the healing, there was another air in both flats.  I felt a sense of freedom and relief.  I could really feel and experience the flow of energy.  An indescribable experience.

For you and the help of your family that managed to put the property in the internet, I am very thankful.  I have changed something else since then.  I completely cleaned both flats and painted the bottom flat with hard working helpers and my daughter Petra.  Petra said‘ Mom look how the house glows now!  Do you see it?‘   She felt the good new energy flowing.  The garden has been turned over and in the middle we planted a pink rosebush with love and attention, as well as esteem to the new inhabitant (administrator of the one flat).  In respect, I bow again to destiny of the past, say goodbye in love and lay it all in God‘s hands, because He will make it well again.  Yesterday, I got my first phone call from a woman who is interested in both flats.

In love and light


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