Your Personal Gua-number is 8

Your personal Gua-number is “8″  GEN, based on your birthday you belong to the West group.

Your element is: Earth

Your best direction is: North-East, which the element Earth belongs to.


Put a compass in the middle of your flat, house, or company. With time and practice you will quickly recognise where the directions lie. Then you can check, in which direction you sleep and work. The directions belong to areas, that can be activated. For example: Children (west), family and health (east), helpful friends (north-west), wealth (south-east), partnership (south-west), career (north), fame and recognition (south) and knowledge (north-east).

Would you like to know more about your personal Feng Shui?

During a Feng Shui Consultant, we will discuss your four personal lucky directions in your house, company, or business and a lot of concrete tips how you can use this information. The four lucky directions is only one of the possible Feng Shui formulas. There are many wonderful possibilities to use Feng Shui for example, good water and mountain stars can be activated.

At the end of your Feng Shui Consultation, we will discuss the findings and recommendations in a personal meeting in your home or business and every client receives a personal, detailed Feng Shui folder with pictures, plans, and advice.

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Bring new energy, creativity and inspiration in your life with your lucky direction.

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Viola Schäfer